Purchasing allows you to run Sudoku past the 28-day free trial period. You receive an email with a Registration Code for unlocking the trial version; when you enter it into the program, the trial version is converted into an unrestricted, full-featured version of Sudoku.

When you click the "Buy Sudoku" button below, you are taken to RegNow's secure site where you can place your order in confidence.


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Sudoku costs US$14.95. The price is a once-only price to buy the complete program. It is not a limited-time subscription price. You pay once and never need to renew.

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We regret that refunds are not available for any reason except a program defect. Please use the 28-day free trial to ensure that the program functions correctly on your computer and satisfies your requirements.

To find out how much the program costs in another currency, please use the currency converter tool to the right. If sales tax or VAT applies to online purchases from your country, that tax is additional to the US$14.95.

How to Order

The most common way to purchase Sudoku is to buy online using a credit card. RegNow can accept VISA, Mastercard/Eurocard, American Express, and Discover.

If you don't have a credit card, there are a few other ways to buy Sudoku. Just click the "Buy Sudoku" button in the normal way. You are taken to RegNow's Order Page for Sudoku. In the "Payment Information" section, alternate methods are selectable.