Sudoku is a program for Windows. It works on Windows 98, NT 4.0, 2000, Me, XP, Vista and 7. It will work on Intel-based Macintoshes only if they are running Windows using Apple's Boot Camp software. It will not work under Mac OS X, even with virtualisation software like Virtual PC.

Sudoku has a couple of prerequisites. If they are not installed on your computer already, the Sudoku setup program will install them for you. They are all Microsoft's own updates to Windows, and may include an XML service pack, an MDAC service pack, and an updated version of Windows Installer.

The program gives you an endless supply of random, unique, original Sudoku puzzles.

Program Features

Sudoku is jam-packed with features to make solving Sudoku puzzles easier and more fun. For the undaunted, these are no-hype notes about the program's features!